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Supergene oil palm business in Nigeria

Supergene oil palm seedlings are hybrid oil palm seedlings bred in Malaysia. These seedlings are imported into Nigeria which makes them to be more costly than the local oil palm variety such as Tenera.

Many people are trooping into Oil palm plantation on a yearly basis because Oil palm has proven to be one of the best crops to invest in, with a massive return. Every tiny byproduct of it can be conveniently converted into Cash.

Characteristics of Supergene oil palm

1. Supergene oil palm seedlings have 100 – 200% more palm oil yield than the local Nigerian variety.

2.Earlier harvesting starting at 24th month

3. 50% shorter palm height, 25-35 cm growth as against 60cm normal growth

4. Higher Oil Extraction Ratio (OER) from Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) amounts to between 26% to 28%

5.Bigger fruits, bigger brunches, and more bunches per tree per year, up
to 20-26 bunches/tree/year.

6. Longer harvesting period and longer re-planting cycle up to 35-40years.

7. Thicker stem and introgressed with more genetic material, therefore, more diversified in genetic base, and more resistant to fungal disease.

8. Thin Shell – small Kernel 

9. Beta Carotene 1000ppm up 

10. More tolerant to drought


The demand for palm oil is increasing yearly with low supply of it. The oil palm seedling business is profitable and can be started with little capital with a massive ROI.

Currently the price of Supergene oil palm is #1500, some even sell for as high as #2000. We sell the seeds for #400, while we nurse each seedling for #400 for the duration of 9 months, total cost of seeds and nursing is #800. For each seedling, you make a profit of #700.

At Mayzben farms we make it easy for those that want to go into oil palm farming without going through the stress of nursing the plant.

We take care of nursing the oil palm for 9 months, which is ready to be transplanted or sold.
The minimum seedling we can nurse is 1000 seedlings. Payments can be done in two instalments.

Mayzben farms is registered in Nigeria, our nursery farm is located at Ikire, Osun state and open to visitation.

For more enquiries, please contact us on +234 805 846 9413 or send us an email

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