Frequently Asked Questions about Supergene Oil Palm

There are a lot of concerns about Supergene oil palm seedlings, so many people have questions about this special oil palm variety. This post is dedicated to answering some of the questions about Supergene oil palm being asked by our clients.

1. What is supergene oil palm seedling?

Supergene oil palm seedlings are hybrid oil palm seedlings bred in Malaysia.This specie (Supergene) is part of what makes Malaysia the number one palm producer in the world due to its prolific production there

2. What is the difference between supergene oil palm and Tenera?

  • Super Gene like Tenera is a hybrid, but that is where the comparison stops.
  • The parent’s materials of Super Gene are by far superior to Tenera.
  • The nuts are bigger, the productivity is higher, the waiting period before production is greatly reduced.

3. How long does it take for supergene to start fruiting.

It takes 22-24 months for supergene to start fruiting.

4. Where can I get genuine supergene oil palm seeds/seedlings?

At Mayzben farms, we sell genuine supergene oil palm seedlings, we have sold over 100,000 seedlings over the years. We are registered with CAC and we can deliver nationwide.

5. How many oil palm trees are in 1 acre of land?

Between 140 – 150 oil palm trees can be planted on 1 hectare of land. A hectare is equal to 2.471 acres which means you should plant between 55 – 60 oil palm trees in 1 acre. The final decision would depend on the type of land and the spacing system you go for

6. What are the Soil requirement for oil palm plantation?

To establish oil palm plantation, it involves getting a good site with rich, well drained acidic soils are abundant.  The soil should have adequate quantities of potassium, magnesium and nitrogen.  Soil tests should therefore be carried out to determine the nutrient status of the land obtained.

7. How much is supergene oil palm seedling?

Currently one seedling of supergene sell between #1500-#2000.

8. How profitable is oil palm farming in Nigeria?

Oil palm farming is a very lucrative and profitable agribusiness in Nigeria.Apart from household consumption, oil palm serves as by-product to numerous industries such as the food and beverage, cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industry among others.

9. Can you help me set up my oil palm plantation?

At Mayzben farms we make it easy for those that want to go into oil palm farming without going through the stress of nursing the plant.

We take care of nursing the oil palm for 9 months, which is ready to be transplanted or sold.
The minimum seedling we can nurse is 1000 seedlings. Payments can be done in two instalments.

Mayzben farms is registered in Nigeria, our nursery farm is located at Ikire, Osun state and open to visitation.

For more enquiries, please contact us on +234 805 846 9413 or send us an email

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